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Custody Lawyer

Stucky, Lauer & Young, LLP
Family Law Attorneys

Whether you're searching for a child support attorney or a custody lawyer, Stucky, Lauer & Young, LLP can help. Every SLY Law lawyer practices divorce, matrimonial, and family law (inclusive of child support, parenting time, and child custody, among others). With our firm you will find a caring and empathetic family lawyer who respects your privacy and confidence. Our mission is to achieve your goals with the utmost discretion.

If you're searching for a custody lawyer that can help you get results, one of our seven attorneys can help. Some of the other things with which your family attorney can help include:


  • Child support

  • Custody

  • Contempt and enforcement matters

  • Same-sex disputes

  • Adoption

  • Relocation

  • Orders for protection

  • Mediation

  • Guardian ad Litem investigations

  • Custodial evaluations

A family attorney is often needed to help with resolving parenting time, child custody, and child support issues. We can help provide a solid framework for successful co-parenting.

Finding the right kind of custody lawyer or child support attorney is not always easy. You want an attorney that is not only knowledgeable on the subject, but truly understands you and your case. We treat each client and their case with the utmost care and attention, so that you can get the results that you deserve.

So if you are looking for a custody lawyer or child support attorney that will treat you with respect and fight for your case and the best possible results, please contact Stucky, Lauer & Young, LLP today.

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