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Collections and Creditor's Rights

Collections have become an increasing challenge for Indiana businesses of all types. Many businesses struggle to collect past due accounts and do not know where to turn when customers simply refuse to pay. Our firm can help business clients collect the monies they are rightfully owed. Our Fort Wayne business collection lawyers understand the legal tools available to recover debts. Our combined 50+ of years of legal experience allows us to utilize effective debt collection strategies while remaining within the confines of the law.

​Our collections attorneys aggressively pursue delinquent debtors to preserve the viability and profits of our business clients. In some cases, a soft touch can facilitate collection from financially troubled customers. But when intractable parties simply refuse to pay, an aggressive and effective attorney can get results.

The federal and state governments have enacted substantial regulations to protect consumer debtors from overly aggressive collection practices. These can impede a business's ability to collect on a debt. But we thoroughly understand these complex laws as well as the collection tools that remain available to us, and we put that knowledge and our experience to work to maximize returns for our clients.

We will diligently pursue debtors through litigation, if necessary But we also strive to resolve collection issues in a cost-effective manner. We understand that collection matters can be very delicate, but we also know that it’s necessary to make it clear that the business is serious about collecting and will not allow non-payment to slide. Quite simply, we have an exceptional record of success in collection matters.


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